Veenvaid stsenaariume euroliidu lagunemise tagajärgedest

The claim that the downfall of the euro and the EU would produce chaos and war may be interpreted to be just a strategy necessary to get support for helping the highly indebted nations such as Greece, Portugal, Spain, or Italy with ever more financial support. However, conversations I have had with persons from various European countries suggest that many people really believe that Europe will disintegrate and that wars are looming if the EU dissolves. I hold this view to be seriously mistaken.

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The essence of ‘Europe’ is variety and diversity rather than étatisme and bureaucracy. A net of contracts of which each one serves a particular functional purpose is open to all countries at the border of Europe and beyond. Thus, for example, Turkey could participate in contracts with an economic orientation and would in that role certainly be welcomed by the other European nations.

Bruno Frey hajutab VoxEU artiklis poliitikute hirmujutte ja visandab märksa realistlikuma nägemuse sellest, milliseks kujuneks Euroopa riikide vahelised suhted kui euroliit peaks lagunema.

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