Beyond the European Social Model

Open Europe nimeline uurimiskeskus avaldas hiljuti raamatu Beyond The European Social Model:

Beyond the European Social Model argues that the high-tax and highly regulated “social model” is not working, and that the time has come for the EU and its member states to take a different approach.

The authors look at both success stories and failures from around Europe and paint a picture of how reforms might work.

Teos on saadaval tasuta PDF’ina ja keda huvitavad ainult üksikud peatükid, leiab kindlasti midagi siit. Eriliseks teeb selle väljaande ka see, et ühe peatüki autor on Meelis Kitsing, kes leiab et:

Success in the information economy has made the Nordic model “as hot as stones in a sauna” among EU policymakers. But studies which try to show a link between Nordic welfare systems and the information economy suggest that this is less of a “model” and more of a coincidence. He argues that success stories like Nokia can be explained by getting a few big things like telecoms regulation right, and also by the “gales of creative destruction” unleashed on Scandinavia in the early 1990s by the collapse of the Soviet Union. He argues that if poorer member states want to break into the new economy they should learn from low-tax Estonia instead. He notes the story of the revolutionary telecoms company Skype: technology developed entirely in Estonia – by entrepreneurs who had left Denmark and Sweden.

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